Eichinger Equipment

05-Lifting Cages

  • Stacking Post Stillage
    Strong tubular profile construction, with broad feet and wide stacking pockets with crane lugs. Available in all special sizes.
  • Stacking Mesh Sided Stillage
    Strong tubular profile construction, with broad feet, wide stacking pockets, weld-in 50/50/5 mm mesh panels and bottom made of trapezoidal sheet. Load capacity 1500 kg. Combinable with our stacking pallets. Available in all special sizes, painted or galvanized.
  • with solid walls
    Made of profiled corner posts, 2 mm thick trapezoidal sheet bottom with rib reinforcement, side walls with rib reinforcement, and press-fitted stacking pockets and crane lugs. Load capacity 1500 kg. Combinable with our stacking pallets and stacking mesh box pallets.
  • 1058 Heavy Duty Goods Carrying Cage - Safe and convenient: a rugged cage especially for transporting heavy materials with crane or forklift truck. These very sturdy constructed cages are available in two sizes, all with full opening front gate(s), four lifting lugs and four fork pockets.
  • Designed for the safe transport of portable toilets by crane to meet changing requirements of site. Supplied with locking bar to secure the toilet inside the frame and sumped base tray to catch any “out flow” during transit. This simple unit solves common issue on many sites.
  • 1328 Gas Bottle Carrier - A safe method of transporting gas bottles on site, with lifting lug and top mounted fork channels for using either…
  • Designed for the safe transportation of palletised bricks and blocks the Eichinger 1058.7 crane forks cage can be used with either standard or telescopic crane forks where a standard safety net is not enough. The unit also benefits from a strut assisted drop down ramp as well as the addition of internal lifting points meaning the unit can still be lifted even if crane forks are unavailable.
  • A sturdy and secure method of storing your sites lifting tackle ensuring it remains clean and easy to access at all times. The chain rack benefits from fork pockets and crane lift point allowing easy location anywhere on site. The unit also has multiple hooks to hang single and multi-leg chains from, has side bars to locate shackles on and the option of a lockable sling store for slings, harnesses and tag lines. The unit also has a waterproof document storage container for quick access to all relevant certificates.
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