Eichinger Equipment

SaFE Range

  • 1034CE SA(FE) Column Skip - Eliminates the crush point risks of the traditional bale arm by using a 2 leg chain to lift.
  • Designed to keep site operatives away from the discharge zone.  The 1016 has a straight outlet with hose coupling, welded on tested chain or lifting beam. Commands for opening and closing the discharge valves and for the external vibrator are given by means of a radio control system with a range of 80m.  The opening mechanism is operated via a hydraulic cylinder, a hydraulic unit and a battery with charger. The 1016 conforms with official labour safety regulations. Safety requirements,such as automatic closing of the valve in the event of malfunctions or range violations,are met. Optional: rubber hose Ø150, Ø200 or Ø300mm. Optional: with external vibrator.
  • Designed for the safe transport of portable toilets by crane to meet changing requirements of site. Supplied with locking bar to secure the toilet inside the frame and sumped base tray to catch any “out flow” during transit. This simple unit solves common issue on many sites.
  • Specifically designed for confined spaces where access is limited by other means.  The single man cage complies with BS EN 14502-1 and PM28.
  • 1073.2 2 Person Access Cage
    For max. 2 persons and tools. Net load 250 kg, width 1140 mm, length 1200 mm, suitable for use with forklift truck or crane. Fitted as standard with practical tool tray, four crane lugs (no  hain) and entrance door on…
  • 1074 - 4 Person Cage The 1074 4 Man Cage is built primarily with safety in mind, the cage conforms fully to BS EN14502 and PM28.
  • 1075 Man Basket / Stretcher Cage
    The 1075 stretcher cage is supplied as a crane evacuation cage for use where a casualty needs to be evacuated from height. Suitable for 2 personnel (1 casualty and 1 attendant) and supplied in white with relevant signage. Each unit is supplied complete with four leg chain sling (rated at 10/1 ratio as required by CE regulations) attached to the main lifting points with connectors.
  • The Safelock skip from Eichinger delivers ultimate safety and efficiency. Standard pallet width forks allow the driver to minimise adjustment. Uncompromising build quality. A visible heavy duty ram restrains the skip securely to the telehandler. We believe keeping the ram visible is vital to ensure the operative is aware of any potential failure.
  • Designed for the safe transportation of palletised bricks and blocks the Eichinger 1058.7 crane forks cage can be used with either standard or telescopic crane forks where a standard safety net is not enough. The unit also benefits from a strut assisted drop down ramp as well as the addition of internal lifting points meaning the unit can still be lifted even if crane forks are unavailable.
  • A sturdy and secure method of storing your sites lifting tackle ensuring it remains clean and easy to access at all times. The chain rack benefits from fork pockets and crane lift point allowing easy location anywhere on site. The unit also has multiple hooks to hang single and multi-leg chains from, has side bars to locate shackles on and the option of a lockable sling store for slings, harnesses and tag lines. The unit also has a waterproof document storage container for quick access to all relevant certificates.
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