Eichinger Equipment


  • The 1034C Column Skip has been specifically designed by Eichinger to meet the specific needs of pouring concrete into formwork. With the delivery hose attached to the gate of the skip users can direct the flowing concrete with ease. The 1034C also benefits from the Eichinger kick down hopper to enable easier cleaning as well as an additional gate closing pulley to increase user confidence.
  • 1034CE SA(FE) Column Skip - Eliminates the crush point risks of the traditional bale arm by using a 2 leg chain to lift.
  • Designed to keep site operatives away from the discharge zone.  The 1016 has a straight outlet with hose coupling, welded on tested chain or lifting beam. Commands for opening and closing the discharge valves and for the external vibrator are given by means of a radio control system with a range of 80m.  The opening mechanism is operated via a hydraulic cylinder, a hydraulic unit and a battery with charger. The 1016 conforms with official labour safety regulations. Safety requirements,such as automatic closing of the valve in the event of malfunctions or range violations,are met. Optional: rubber hose Ø150, Ø200 or Ø300mm. Optional: with external vibrator.
  • 1017 Flexi Pipe Concrete Skip - Designed with ease of use in mind. Hand gate on the end of the hose. Ideal for accurate / intricate pouring of concrete.
  • 1018 Concrete Skip - Designed to meet the specific needs of pouring concrete into formwork in a cost effective and efficient way.
    • Users can direct the flowing concrete with ease.
    • Lays flat for filling.
    • Levered (1018) or geared (1018H) gate options available.
  • cone flow skip roll over skip
    Horizontal round shape with lateral outlet, rugged heavy-duty design with lift beam. Options:
    • with hydraulic lever operation
    • with removable outlet bucket
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