The Pipestor™ is the ultra-tough cabinet that keeps your equipment organised and accessible.

The mobile secure storage trunk that keeps your copper piping safe and organised. Foil the copper thieves by keeping your valuable piping locked up on site in this innovatively designed ‘copper coffin’.

The Pipestor™ portable secure storage trunk, gives you the peace of mind that your copper piping is safe 24/7. The interior is divided into four sections to accommodate different sizes and styles of pipes – including plastic and metal conduit, trunking and cable tray – and is secured on one end with a heavy duty door and lock.

Versatile design, it can be easily extended to take longer lengths of pipe by adding optional extra sections as required.

Features & specs

  • Internally divided into 4 separate compartments
  • Secured with a 5-lever deadlock
  • Fully mobile – fitted with heavy duty swivel castors
  • Powder coated for maximum durability
  • Fork lift skids for easy transformation
  • Robust steel plate construction giving maximum protection
  • Serial numbered for replacement keys